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Allison Brockinton
Phone: 479-422-1076
Email: Allison.Brockinton@Jbrandesinc.com
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Dallas & Ft.Worth, TX
Nina George
Phone: 214-215-4228
Email: Nina.George@Jbrandesinc.com
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Dallas | East TX
Todd Mount
Phone: 214-455-3378
Email: Todd.Mount@JBrandesinc.com
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Eastern Washington
Friis and Company
Email: repninawalker@gmail.com
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Sabrina Schirmer
Phone: 407-247-0247
Email: hello@shopcoraandco.com
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Houston, TX
Linda Sheldon
Phone: 713-201-7133
Email: Linda.Sheldon@Jbrandesinc.com
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Brittany Latiolais
Phone: 337-886-5056
Email: Brittany.Latiolais@Jbrandesinc.com
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Oregon and Southern Washington
Friis and Company
Email: laniafink1@gmail.com
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Seattle & Alaska
Friis and Company
Phone: (206) 764 1290
Email: cmfriis@msn.com
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Western Washington
Friis and Company
Email: Sheri.l.eaton@gmail.com
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